Here at Langley, we know that workplace diversity is the lifeblood of all successful, forward-looking organisations - that is regardless of sector, size or mission. 

Upholding genuine equality within the recruitment process requires not just enthusiasm, but certifiable knowledge and agility; this is not only integral to our internal values and practice at Langley Search, but a pillar of our unique value-added service to clients, as well as our commitment to candidates. 

Whether it’s surpassing diversity and inclusion targets, or a desire to reap the countless benefits of a truly diverse workforce - we help organisations find the best candidates for every role, with confidence and without compromise. 

Why are we so passionate about diversity, inclusion and equality? 

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note. We understand the power of a diverse range of candidates and their ability to provide a competitive edge to organisations, as well as the moral duty of the recruitment industry to promote equality across the board. This is why a commitment to inclusion has long been a part of the Langley DNA. We consider stellar recruitment paired with equality and diversity monitoring to be one of the specialist areas in which we can aid, advise and guide prospective clients. 

How can we bring diversity and inclusion to you? 

Our dedication to diversity comes from within; we are a diverse-owned business certified by the MSD UK. When you work with us, it doesn’t matter what the variables, seniority or strategic importance of the role you are recruiting for - our candidate shortlists offer value and diversity, with genuinely appointable individuals. We always strive to select the best candidates for the job in any and every scenario; delivering talent and quality. It is this commitment which accelerates the careers of the candidates we help and strengthens the workforce of the clients we work with. 

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

We recognise that achieving true equality is a journey, not a destination - as such, our processes are regularly reviewed and optimised for excellence. All our staff are trained and certified in addressing unconscious bias; we are officiated members of The Equality Register, substantiating our mission of inclusion and offering assuredness to all Public Sector organisations. 

We are proud to receive ongoing consultancy from Jasmine Gartner PhD, a trained anthropologist offering expertise on cross-cultural awareness, unconscious bias and employee diversity. Following in the footsteps of huge names such as PepsiCo, Intel and Adidas - who all use anthropologists to ensure a positive, fair workplace culture - we are delighted to have Jasmine guiding our team on trailblazing equality internally and for the benefit of our clients and candidates.