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We are proud partner of the homeless charity HOSB

We work with HOSB (The House of St Barnabas) to aid them in their mission to break the cycle of homelessness and create a fairer future for all. Gaining and maintaining paid work is fundamental to security, independence and integration in society. 

Here at Langley, we are recruitment and workplace experts. We know not only how to spot talent, but how to extract natural ability, upskill workers, and provide guidance on finding success while job hunting.

Working with HOSB, we are able to utilise this knowledge to help those who have faced hardship to unlock their full potential. We are delighted to be able to offer the training, expertise and knowledge we use in our daily work to aid HOSB in making the world a better, more equal place. 

Read further about our commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities on our Diversity and Inclusion page.

You can find out more about House of St Barnabas over on their website