At Langley we strive to deliver a consultative ‘value added’ service. Partnering with Langley means working closely with us: we challenge all parties to work together to deliver specific solutions for senior & leadership roles. Our ex-practitioner knowledge allows us to engage successfully with even the most difficult of briefs. 

The technical and behavioural assessment of candidates is of paramount importance to Langley Search and Interim.  In this area we carry a truly competitive advantage with the use of our bespoke Langley 360™ competency based assessment tool. In short, this assessment tool is used with every candidate, assessing their skills and the application of their knowledge through a rigorous, competency-based interview. Candidates’ specific areas of knowledge and the application of that knowledge is evaluated and evidenced by relevant examples of their achievements.

Using the Langley 360™ assessment process, we present hard evidence of candidates’ capabilities via comprehensive profiles highlighting technical and behavioural competencies as well as recommending any development areas that the candidate may have.