We find our clients the best, most-appointable candidates for senior and leadership roles in the procurement and supply chain market. We pride ourselves on a bespoke approach, and our ability to deliver real results

The Langley advantage

Here at Langley, we combine knowledge and experience with leading technology. With nearly twenty years of business under our belt, we are one of the most established and trusted procurement specialists in the UK. Our three foundational pillars of skills, integrity and passion come from the top - our leaders have considerable industry experience and the market intelligence that powers our success.

We achieve results not just through our experience, expertise and knowledge – but with the Langley 360™ competency based assessment tool. Time and time again, this tool proves to give us a serious competitive advantage in finding the best and the brightest.

We use this tool with every one of our candidates. The reason it works so well is simple; it offers a rigorous assessment of competency and skills, while also uncovering a candidate’s ability to actively apply existing knowledge.

Through this tool, we are able to produce quantifiable evidence of a candidate’s capabilities, along with a profile that demonstrates their true technical and behavioural assets.  

Our commitment to clients

This unique assessment tool is far from all we offer. Clients who work with Langley can expect a close working relationship; our work is driven by a consultative, value-added service which strives, always, to deliver specific, desirable solutions. 

With considerable ex-practitioner knowledge under our belt, we pride ourselves on attuned, critical engagement with even the most challenging of briefs. Our Research Team is experienced and equipped in curating a stellar shortlist – even for those ‘difficult to fill’ roles that every organisation occasionally encounters.  

We manage roles all over the world 

Here at Langley, we manage procurement and supply chain roles globally as well as across Europe and the UK. The clients we have worked with in recent years have not been constrained by borders – we are proud to have filled roles, on a local scale and a global one.  

Our work is our pride and our impact is undeniable; our consultants have extensive, deep networks which we are able to utilise to the advantage of both our candidates and clients. 

For interim, we aim for a 24-hour turnaround for a list of prequalified and available candidates to get things off on the right foot to finding the right, appointable candidate for your role.