Sharing the Power to Connect

  • April 06, 2020

Langley Search, like all businesses are facing unprecedented times, I am not sure any of us could have imagined this scenario, even a few months ago.  The way we live our most basic existence has changed and as a team we are challenging ourselves to help in any way we can. 

For us, the current situation we are all presented with has offered new and unique opportunities as we invite each other, our clients and our candidates into our homes.  We have met each others families, pets. We have glimpsed their lives away from work.  This has brought new insights, togetherness and an openness to engage like never before.

It is during these conversations that it became very clear that as a business we could help and we should help in any way we can.  Some of our clients have made the decision to freeze hiring until the full economic impact of Covid-19 is known but others, indeed the majority, continue to recruit.  They are focussing on the end result and wish to mitigate the risk of business slowdown when the effects of Covid-19 no longer have such a huge impact on our lives. 

To some of our clients, Covid-19 means they are busier than ever before and hiring into their organisations is critical to support our NHS as well as other key sectors who are working relentlessly to protect us all.   Procurement and Supply Chain is our market and yet again this expertise is being highlighted on a global stage as being critical to organisations. 

We are offering all our clients past, present and future the opportunity to use our video interview software free of charge.  We have invested heavily in the platform - it is excellent, it allows interviews to take place in a number of ways, all of which would be useful to an organisation where their business continuity is vital.  We can turn around requests to use this facility in just a few hours. 

Please contact us if you feel this would be useful to you, in these unprecedented, uncertain times. We firmly believe partnership is everything and hope this small offer of assistance helps your business continue to deliver now and look to the future.