Engaging for success

Work is incredibly important to all of us. Most of us will spend up to a third of our life working, and that’s why establishing a fulfilling career is so crucial to overall wellbeing. 

Here at Langley, we are proud to be considered the leading niche recruiter of senior-level positions across the areas of Procurement, Commercial and end-to-end Supply Chain. 

Our approach is characterised by a personal touch; the work we undertake with candidates is the foundation of everything else we do and achieve. 

We strive not only to uphold diversity & inclusions within the recruitment process – but to further ensure that we offer active engagement throughout the stages of prequalification and registration, right through to filling the candidacy. 

Seeing your full potential, and highlighting your unique skills and abilities, is what empowers us to place stellar professionals in a wide range of senior roles

Making the move 

We understand that there is no single reason for dipping a toe in the recruitment realm. Whether you’re just entering the job market, looking to move jobs, seeking to change career paths or merely interested in seeing what’s available - we’re here to help you find exactly what you want. 

Our role is to provide advice and guidance, without pressure or presumption. With decades of experience behind us, our expertise can be fused with your natural ability and employment history to identify the career that you want. 

At Langley, we work closely with all our candidates – supporting them, uplifting them and seeking the best opportunities to raise them up to where they want to be. 

Let’s get things started

Check out our downloadable Langley Job Hunting Guide for advice on creating a professional CV, finding confidence in networking, and honing your interview skills to create a lasting impression. 

For more information on how we can help you, give us a call on: +44 (0) 333 366 0839