Below are just a small sample of our latest available interims. Please search / click to view their details and request more information. If you send your details to us we can give you a range of interims at your target rate and skillset.

Interim Change Manager

£650 - £850
Available currently

A senior candidate with Board Level experience he has worked across Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Sport, Public Sector Oil & Gas,and Financial Services. His extensive experience comes from a blend of line and consultancy roles, most being of a transformational nature. He has implemented P2P systems, led the set up and reinvigoration of procurement teams and led the implementation of category management. Very personable and collaborative in nature with extensive stakeholder management skills and available currently. 

Interim Chief Procurement Officer

£700/day+ - £850/day
Immediately available
Fully mobile
NHS hospitals healthcare

Our interim is a senior practitioner (ex CPO) who has led procurement teams in a number of sectors: Healthcare, Nuclear, Utilities and Construction.  He has an authoritative style and is skilled at leading and developing teams and bringing about transformation of the procurement function.  

He has led procurement transformations but has not lost of art of being able to lead negotiations himself.  He has very good influencing and communication skills and is usually work at 'C' level.

He is available currently and looking for interim roles at £700+ or permanent at £120k if in the Midlands area.









Interim CPO

£1000/day - £1300/day
Immediately available
Financial Services

This interim works at a senior level as an interim CPO.  He is usually involved in transformations involving improving organisational design & people, processes & policies, implementing best practice and optimising output.  He has worked across multiple sectors including financial services, transport, insurance, pharmaceuticals and other sectors.  Globally mobile he is available for his next role.

Interim IT Procurement Manager

CN 3001030
£450 - £600
Available mid Dec 18
Engineering & Manufacturing

This interim is currently working on licenses & hardware in a manufacturing client.  However she has worked across most areas of IT procurement and in different sectors - her skills are very transferable.  Currently on £500/day but flexible for something interesting.

Interim Manager (Public Sector)

£300 - £500
Currently available
Lives in Reading, will do London
Public Sector

This interim has worked in local government and for charities in general indirects.  He is good at developing procurement policies and procedures and can work on any indirects areas.  He lives in Reading and would prefer locally based roles or he can do London. 

Supply Chain/Operations Transformation

£700/day+ - £850/day
Immediately available
Globally Mobile

This interim has experience of transforming supply chains and operations.  This includes changing P2P processes (diagnostic, design & implementation) & re-engineering operational and supply chain processes in manufacturing plants.  He has recently finished two assignments in the food and consumer goods sectors and is immediately available.  He has capability in 4 European languages and could be based anywhere globally.

Interim HR Category Manager

£600 - £700
Available Dec 17
London Only please

This candidate is currently on assignment in a services company and is re-engineering their recruitment spend (temporary labour & permanent).  A specialist in this field she has completed this exercise 3 times for other businesses.  Also has experience of managing other sub-areas of spend including employee benefits and learning and development.

She is likely to be available towards the end of 2017 and is starting to look for her next assignment.

Interim Claims Procurement Manager

CN 3000899
£500/day - £700/day
Immediately available
Fully mobile
Financial Services

This interim has a wide knowledge of the insurance and claims procurement.  He has managed contracts for property, motor and other areas.  He also has extensive experience of managing and monitoring suppliers in this space.  Immediately available he is fully mobile and ready to start his next role.

Interim Procurement Manager - Aerospace

CN 410089
£500/day - £600/day
Available currently
Aerospace & Automotive

This candiate has worked in the airline industry managing a range of categories including MRO, maintenance contracts, a range of indirects including service contracts.  He has an open style and builds relationships with stakeholders well and has transferable skills that could be used successfully in other sectors.