Interim EMEA Sourcing Manager Euro 600-750/day

Client:  European Manufacturer

Role(s): Interim European Sourcing Manager 

 Package:  Euro 600 – 750/day

Outline:   Following a restructure our client appointed Langley on a exclusive basis to find an experienced  Interim Manager to manage and optimise spend and quality on the purchase of finished goods (sourced externally and some made in-house)  for resale to their customers.  The client wanted to undertake a ‘make vs buy’ analysis and anticipated a move to source from low cost countries.  The outcome they wanted was cost driven:  to enable quality improvements through better supplier relationship management and a reduction in the supply base.

How we handled the search: This search was difficult, both in terms of the skill set needed and also in terms of the location of the role.   Additionally the candidates needed to be able to spend 50%  of time travelling so needed to be able to stay away from home frequently.  Langley’s Principal Consultant met with the client to take a face- to- face briefing. This provided a clear insight into the scope of the role, the required deliverables and timescales and likely candidate profile fit. The requirement was urgent so there was a need for a quick turnaround, needing someone to start ASAP.

An initial database search produced some candidates, although more were sourced through Langley’s referral network.  A standard approach, aligned with the customer’s profile, was taken in screening candidates through face-to-face & Skype interviews. A pre-qualified shortlist of five candidates was provided over a period of two weeks.  The client undertook two interviews with the successful candidate who was extended after the initial period.).

What difference did our candidates make?  The candidate was offered a permanent position after 9 months in the role.  He was revising the sourcing across 10 European and 4 Far Eastern countries and set up a robust governance process for the area.  In particular, the company derived benefit from reengineering pricing agreements across minimum orders for all new products and standardising the contract framework across Europe.  In total he has achieved 10% savings across the finished goods category to date.

Time to appointment: 2 weeks from brief to starting in the role