Looking for Interims for Jan 2018?

  • December 07, 2017

Why choose interims?

  • To kick start that project where you will need focused expertise in a procurement category or process areas
  • Short of resource for the New Year?  Let interims 'mind the gap'.
  • It’s fast  - most interims start within a week of being interviewed – they are available at short notice
  • Interims are typically hired for 6-12 months – they work to tight timescales and deliver in challenging situations
  • Interims are ‘value for money’ – they are typically slightly over qualified for each assignment, often providing experience and skills which an organisation couldn’t afford on a permanent basis – in the short term they deliver incredible value
  • You may think interims are expensive – however there are no benefits to be paid (bonuses, NI contributions, holidays, pensions etc).  An interim incurs none of these additional costs so are very cost effective.
  • Interims can be candid – they do not plan a long term career in your organisation and are free to tell the senior team what they need to hear – they are not hampered by organisational politics
  • Interims are a good alternative to consultancies – they are cheaper and implement as well as advise

For further information contact Langley on info@langleysearch.com or +44 (0)844 847 8336

Go to the Langley iBoard above to see examples of available interims.